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What is Conductive Education
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What is CECWA...?

The Conductive Education Charity of Western Australia (CECWA) was established as an incorporated association in 2006. As a not-for-profit charitable organisation CECWA Inc has gift recipient tax deductible status. CECWA Inc seeks to ensure Conductive Education programs are available to all those individuals with motor disorders and associated needs and their families who desire access to this unique form of intervention.

CECWA seeks to fulfill these aims by raising public, corporate, Government and political awareness of Conductive Education and raising funds to support the ongoing growth and development of Conductive Education programs in WA.

What is Conductive Education?

Conductive Education (CE) is a unique system of special education and rehabilitation specifically developed for children and adults who have motor disorders and allied difficulties of a neurological origin such as Cerebral Palsy.

CE was developed by Dr. Andras Peto and his colleagues at the International Peto Institute, in Budapest, Hungary. Conductive Education views motor disorders as a potential learning disability due to the effect such problems can have on a child's ability to explore and interact with their environment independently and spontaneously.

Conductive Education sees the child as a whole, recognising that each area of development impacts on the next. Physical skills, play skills, communication, social interaction, exploration and self care skills are all developed within a fully integrated program, planned and led by specially trained educators called Conductors or Teacher-Conductors.

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